We have had to temporarily close while the coronavirus is still affecting us as a nation, and hopefully if we all stay safe this will pass as quickly as it came.
We will stay closed until the Government allows us to repoen for business as usual, but I am contactable by email at all times, and by phone at limited times when we are in the hotel.
If you leave a message we will return your call as soon as possible.
This has been a tough time for everybody, but I wanted to let all of our lovely customers and friends that we have a great team of staff and with such strong support from the government we are able to keep our key staff on, and are in a very strong position to start immediately as soon we are able to re-open our doors again after this pandemic clears and we are all able to socialise again.
We will all be so ready for some great times out, and we will be ready and waiting to help you enjoy yourselves.
All future bookings I am slowly getting round to contacting, please bear with me as I have a lot of people to contact.. message me privately if you are unable to wait.
We are making sure nobody loses out financially on anything, transferring monies paid etc, no extra charges for anything for example, and are working with our guests to rearrange dates if needed and find back-up plans if required – we are all going to get through this stronger and we will stick by our customers and staff throughout this situation. Please stick with us too and we can get through this together.
Stay Safe and look after each other but contact us if there is anything you think we can help with.
Regards Lorraine